ADULT PERMISSION TO PLAY –  In preparation for the 2020 season, please see the Adult Permission to Play Form which must be completed and submitted to be approved by the County Board and subsequently by the National Grading Committee of Central Council at least 4 weeks in advance of the commencement of the 2020 competitions. In order to have this completed on time, these should be submitted in time for the County Board Committee January meeting to be brought forward to the January County Board for approval. Please note that players must complete 2 forms, one of which is sent directly to the County Board Secretary and the second to National Grading Committee of Central Council, Croke Park.  Rule 139 governs this procedure 139. Where there is a Club in a player’s CCA, but the Club is unable to provide football for her at Adult or Underage level, the player must register with her CCA Club.
Where there is club football for her in another Club within her CCA, she may get permission to play or transfer to that Club. She cannot transfer or get permission to play with another Club outside her CCA whilst there is a Club in her CCA, unless she is exempted under Rule 137, (Home Club). This permission is to be renewed on an annual basis. Where there is no Adult Club football within her CCA, and she wishes to seek permission to play with another Club she must apply on the Official Application Form and forward it to the County Board, Provincial Council and the National Grading Committee of Central Council. The Grading Committee will make the final decision subject to appeal to Central Council. The closing date for a player seeking permission to play Adult Football is 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the competition. The maximum number of players allowed to obtain permission to play for any Club shall be four. This permission is to be renewed on an annual basis.

UNDERAGE PERMISSION TO PLAY – (U12 – MINOR) Please see the attached Underage Permission to Play Form. These requests must be submitted for U14 & U16 players to the County Board secretary in time for the January Executive Committee meeting. The U12 and Minor Permission to Play requests must be submitted by the March Executive Committee meeting. See Rule 136(d) & (e) which governs this procedure (d)  Where a Club is unable to field a team in Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 or Under 18 age groups from their own resources, permission may be granted by the County Board for such a player or players, from that Club, to play with another Club or Clubs that is providing football at those age Groups, except as pertains in Rule 136 (c).   Permission must be sought from the County Board on an annual basis and should be noted in the County Board minutes. (e)  The County Board shall have the power to refuse or grant these underage permissions, taking into account the best interests of the Association, and subject to such conditions as the County Board may deem appropriate.

Forms (Click on link to view forms):