LGFA Coach Education Webinars

The LGFA You Tube Channel has an array of Coach Education webinars available. Ranging from Motivating PlayersCreating a Positive Coaching Environment to Planning a Session and Introducing Patterns of Play. There is something for everyone.

All 27 webinars are available now on the LGFA You Tube channel and are linked below.  

 LGFA Coach Education – Coach The Teenage Player 

 LGFA Coach Education: Coaching The Tackle

 Pitch Priorities – LGFA Coach Education Return to Play

 LGFA The Charge 

 LGFA Coach Education: Ready Steady Coach Webinar 

 LGFA Coach Education Series: Team Building On and Off The Pitch 

 LGFA Coach Education: Creating a Positive Coaching Environment 

 LGFA Coach Education: Pre Season Return to Pitch 

 LGFA Coach Education Series: How to be a Coach on the Sideline – Liam Moggan 

 Coach Education Series – Involving Players in Decision Making

 “We need to get them into the game – and then we need to keep them in the game”

 LGFA Coach Education: Coach the Tackle – On Pitch Activities 

 LGFA Coach Education: Improving Tactics with Patterns of Play

 LGFA Coach Education – Gaelic4Mothers&Others: The Coaching Sessions 

 LGFA Coach Education Series: Demonstrate How to Plan, Layout and Review a Coaching Session 

 “None of these things are going to happen unless you’ve coached the skills of the game”

 Coach The Keeper – The Coaches Perspective 

 LGFA Coach Education: Identifying the Next Generation of Goalkeepers 

 Being Inclusive: How to Cater for all Ability Levels in a Coaching Session 

 LGFA Coach Education – Coaching within the Rules 

 LGFA – The Tackle 

 Coach Education Series: How to Motivate your Players through Coaching Sessions 

 Coach Education Series – Using Positive Language in a Coaching Session 

 Coach Education Series: Role of Athletic Development in Injury Prevention 

 Coach Education Series: Being an Inclusive Coach  

 Coach Education Series: How to Plan For Disruption in a Season 

 Coach Education Series: How to Manage Workload in a Session