LGFA Injury Fund

Rules pertaining to the LGFA Injury Fund are covered in the Official Guide Rule 67 to Rule 91. All members should make themselves aware of these Rules.

Who does the Injury Fund Cover?

The Injury Fund covers all playing members who sustain an injury in the following:

a) an official competitive or challenge game

b) an official and supervised training session

It also applies to Club Officers, Team Mentors and Match Officials (Referees, Umpires and Linespersons) if registered to the Injury Fund.

How is the Injury Fund funded?

The Injury Fund is completely funded by registration fees paid by all playing members, as well as some non-playing members.

Fees are determined by Central Council and at present are as follows:

Adult – €25

Juvenile/U18 – €10

U10 – €5

What are the Benefits of the LGFA Injury Fund?

The LGFA Fund covers the following maximum benefits, provided the correct terms and conditions are followed as noted below;

Medical Expenses – €5,500

Dental Expenses – €3,000

Loss of Wages – A maximum €200 per week for a max of 20 weeks for Adult Members only

Juvenile members who wish to be covered for Loss of Wages must pay the Adult registration fee in order to qualify.

For further information and claim forms please see the official LGFA Injury Fund page via the link above