Cork LGFA League Rules for 2017 Season

  1. Games to be played on or before dates given. Exceptions only in the event of both teams agreeing an alternative date, providing this date does not interfere with another fixture date. The County Board Fixture Secretary must be informed of the new date and will confirm with both clubs if the new date is acceptable.
  2. Fixtures must be played in the order drawn and notified unless agreed by the Fixture Secretary.
  3. In the event of both teams being unable to agree a throw in time, the county board default time of 3.00p.m.shall be imposed for Weekend fixtures. In the case of a Midweek fixture 7.30pm will be deemed the throw in time. Where floodlights are not available and light maybe an issue this time may be adjusted by the fixtures committee.
  4. If home side cannot provide pitch in good time, they must concede home advantage. Contact to be made with the Fixture Secretary if there is a change of Venue. In the event that both teams being unable to provide a venue, both teams must agree an alternative date, providing this date does not interfere with the next fixture date and the County Board Fixture Secretary has been informed.
  5. Home Club to notify the Fixture Secretary of the agreed date, time and venue at least 3 days in advance of the fixture where possible.
  6. Home side must organise neutral referee and advise opposition team with Referee’s name in advance.
  7. Referees to be drawn from approved County Board list only.
  8. Winning team to notify Fixture Secretary of match result by text, directly after the match being played, the following is the contact number 085 1100368. Failure to notify Fixture Secretary of result directly after the match will result in a €15 fine being levied. Both teams to notify in event of draw.
  9. Walkovers can only be awarded by the fixtures committee following consultation with both teams involved. Failure to play the fixture may not result in a walkover being awarded to either team.
  10. Any team failing to fulfil 2 fixtures will be expelled from the competition. A team awarded a walkover by the Fixtures committee will be deemed to have fulfilled that fixture.
  11. Walkovers may not be taken into account by county Board for regrading purposes.
  12. Where two teams finish level on points in the Final League table, their Head to Head match result will be the deciding factor for final league positions.
  13. Clubs with two teams in the League will not be expected to field on the same day, where alternative dates cannot be agreed by the clubs the fixtures committee will re fix these dates.