Midleton Ladies Football
Midleton exit from East Cork U16 Ladies football Championship after a monumental performance against Fermoy in the Semi-final.

Our U16 girls travelled to Fermoy on Wednesday 26th October to take on Fermoy in the Semi-final of the East Cork Championship.
On the night Midleton only had 13 players available, of which 4 were from the U14 ranks, and 2 were only just back after long layoffs due to fractures.
Fermoy insisted on playing with 15 players, and we had no option but to play. We try not to do this to teams and always encourage fair play, but Fermoy were well within the rules of the competition to play their full team. This however was going to make an already difficult challenge an almost impossible mission. The game plan was simple. Don’t get hammered. We were going to achieve this by playing a defensive game instructing the girls to stay in zones which meant some of the girls had 2 players to mind.
As the game started, as we stood on the side of the pitch in front of a boisterous home crowd, we prayed that our faith in our game plan would be rewarded and with ten minutes into the game it looked like no one was listening to our prayers. We were enthralled by our girls approach to this game and they defended as if they lives depended on it. Fermoy spent most of the first ten minutes in our half and were up a goal and 2 or 3 points as we struggled to make ground.
Fermoy’s kick outs were killing us. Due to their numerical advantage we just could not defend from their kick outs. Half way through the half we changed tact, and for their kickouts all our players retreated back centerfield and let them run at us. Now with more numbers back, Fermoy started to lose their way and our girls also raised the intensity and began to break up Fermoy’s running and passing game. Then we started running at them, and at times one would think we had the numerical advantage such was the excellence of our passes. Due to some fantastic passages of play and spirited all-round team performance, we had clawed our way back into the game by half time.
At the Break the score was Fermoy 1:5 Midleton 0:7. The girls were buzzing and full of energy and encouragement for each other. They needed no pep talk at the break, they did it themselves.

From the resuming play we took a while to get going again, Fermoy had added another goal and point before the girls kicked on. For the next 15 minutes it was all Midleton, Fermoy had no answer and couldn’t handle the intensity of the Midleton girls, they were winning everything. We threw everything at them, we hit the crossbar, the upright, the goalkeeper we hit everything. With 10 minutes left we found ourselves 2 points up and with some luck we could have been up by an extra few goals. An incredible turn around, but as we anticipated tired limbs got in the way, if we had anyone at all to come on it would have made the difference.
Even team selector Carol O’Leary tried to get in on the action. In a show of solidarity Carol took up the position of Corner forward, standing on the 21 yard line, Carol a formidable Rugby player in her day didn’t get a chance to get involved as she was politely requested by the referee and her fellow selectors to Get Off The Pitch.
Running out of steam Fermoy took a grasp on the Game running in for 2 goals, to come out at the end on a scoreline of Fermoy 3:12 Midleton 1:12.
What a performance by a fantastic bunch of girls, over the hour they worked tirelessly for each other. Their positivity and encouragement for each other is their trademark. Every one of them did their bit.
With no regular goalkeeper, Rea Buckley took one for the team and the girls must have taken great comfort in knowing they had a reliable pair of hands between the posts. Rea was rock solid in goals, limiting Fermoy to only 3 goals over the hour, and her kickouts were the launch pad for all our attacks, finding a Midleton Player on most occasions.
Ellen Ryan from our U14 County Winning team keeping control of the back line from her corner back position worked tirelessly alongside Kari McEvoy and Laura O’Leary and put in a tremendous defensive display. Kari getting in on the scoring action with a sublime effort in the second half.
Leading from the centre Rosin O’Callaghan utilised all her experience and strength that undoubtedly inspired those around her, and on the wings, Lucy Wallace gave a tenacious display. Nothing got by her. Strong in the tackle and leading from the off, Lucy was a pillar in defence. Clodagh Finn lined out on the other wing, normally a forward player she rocked into this game and had the game of her life. Fermoy could do nothing with her. Another member of our U14 squad, she finished the game with a tally of 0:6.
Our Centre field pairing of Ali Smith and Abby Quirke were magnificent as they she swept up a lot of ball and instigated attacks to the Fermoy Defence. Ali another member of the U14 squad showed unbelievable maturity for her years finding space by her daunting up field runs. It was Abby’s second half goal that took us into the lead for that brief period. With only one thing in her mind she twisted and weaved around the backed goalmouth to send a screamer to the back of the Fermoy Net. Not a whisper from the Fermoy Supporters.
Our forwards Sadhbh Beausang, Molly Beausang, Lucy Kenneally, Rayanna Power were full of running, they had no choice. Molly our Captain was Hard-working throughout, her experience was vital, and her pin pointed kick passes from distance were second to none. She had a hand in most of the scores. Sadhbh, had to get up from the sick bed to come to the match. Another member of the U14 squad. Instigated attack after attack and scoring a great individual point in the first half. Rayanna was all over the place started corner forward and ended up corner back to relief an injured Laura. Her sheer passion for the game showed as she was determined to keep ball to hand. Worked tirelessly for the hour. And Finally Lucy another U14 squad member, Instigated attack after attack by winning ball that she had no right to win, finishing with an impressive 3 points. Special mention to Deirdre Corcoran who took up the role of Maor Uisce for the night, and was inspirational from the side.
We lost on the night, and after the game it really felt like we had won. This team have won East Cork Championships before and most were part of the team that won this year’s Junior B East Cork Final. But this is by far their best performance. You could not signal out any player of the match as we had 13 of them on the night. What a night, What a game….
Team: Rhea Buckely, Ellen Ryan, Kari McEvoy, Laura O’Leary, Lucy Wallace, Roisin O’Callaghan, Clodagh Finn, Abby Quirke, Ali Smith, Sadhbh Beausang, Molly Beausang, Lucy Kenneally, Rayanna Power
Scorer’s Abby 1-1, Lucy K 0-3, Clodagh 0-6, Sadhbh 0-1, Kari 0-1

Strictly Midleton Gaa
Oh what a night. It was certainly a night that the whole Midleton Community will never forget. Strictly Midleton took place in the Radisson Blu Hotel. This Event was sold out weeks ago and the tickets were like gold dust. The sell out crowd got behind the dancers right from the start when they preformed their group dance. The audience were entertained by a video clip of the couples who then took to the stage to perform their individual dances. From the first couple to the last each of the dancers put all their hard work and dedication into their performance. Great credit is due to each and every one of you. The crowd were also amazing on the night and gave all the dancers tremendous support. As with all competitions there can only be one winner and our winners on the night were Orlagh Farmer and Darren Quirke who performed the Charleston. We would like to Thank our Lead Sponsor Oaklodge Nursing Home and our Main sponsors Tecomet and John Cleary Developments. You can still purchase a programme from the night. They will be on sale in the Gaa Club.