Cork LGFA Convention 2019

  • Date: 2nd December (Monday)
  • Time: 8:00pm.
  • Venue: Rochestown Park Hotel

The Cork LGFA Convention will be held in the Rochestown Park Hotel on Monday, 2nd December at 8:00pm.173. Clubs shall receive at least 4 weeks notice in writing of the date andvenue of the County Convention, together with nomination and motionpapers. These papers must be returned to the County Secretary at least 2weeks before the County Convention.The Club Secretary should receive a copy of the Agenda, List ofNominees and Motions

Click on the attachment Link with the Nominations and Motions Paper which must be returned to me by Monday, 18th November, 2019.

Please check with your nominee to confirm that they will allow their name to be put forward for the position.

Note: Marian is stepping down as Cork LGFA Secretary. Marian will, if needed, assist the new secretary in every way to help her/him settle into this job.