Please note that when you are registering new players, you must ensure that they are not living in an area where there is already an existing club. IT IS THE HOME ADDRESS OF THE PLAYER THAT DETERMINES WHICH CLUB SHE CAN REGISTER WITH. The fact the player may be attending a school in your area does not give her the right to register with your club if she lives in the CCA of another club. If the player lives in a club’s CCA she must register with that club. If the player lives in an area where there is no LGFA club, she has the option to join any club. The exception to this rule is when a player lives within the city area, she has the choice to join any club within the city.

Also please note that it is extremely important that players are registered before they can train or play. If an unregistered player incurs an injury while training or playing with your club, the Injury Fund will not cover her and neither would she be covered under the Public Liability Insurance. So she could then make a claim against your club. So in order to protect yourselves please ensure that all players are registered.

Please also note the following rule from the Official Guide: –

55. Any team proved to have played an unregistered player shall be fined
€100 per offending player and shall forfeit the game to their opponents
unless exempted by Rule 260.