Please note that due to Child Safeguarding and to the new Data Protection Laws coming into place in May, photographing at and recording matches is strictly controlled.

If you wish to have photographs taken at a match or to have matches recorded, you will have to seek permission from the LGFA Secretary of the County Board. You will have to provide the following giving at least 3 working days notice: –

  1. Name of the photographer or cameraman
  2. Their contact number,
  3. Their e-mail address
  4. Their LGFA/GAA Garda Vetting Number
  5. Proof that a Child Safeguarding Course has been completed by him/her within the last 5 years.


Having received this information and having checked that no player on either team has refused to give permission for photographs to be taken or recordings being made, a letter granting the photographer or cameraman permission will be e-mailed to them.

If you see someone taking photographs or recording matches, you should ask them for proof that they have received permission. If they cannot, you should ask them to desist and to leave the field.

Obviously, we want to promote Ladies Football and this may seem over the top but I think that we are all sadly well aware of the dangers of photographs and recordings being inappropriately used by unscrupulous individuals. Plenty of examples of these have been demonstrated at the Child Safeguarding Courses.So we will do our utmost to protect juvenile and adult players alike to the best of our ability by checking that photographers and camaramen are Garda Vetted and have completed the Safeguarding Course.

Please note that we cannot control people outside the fence taking photographs or recording on their mobile phones.