As of January 1st all Ladies Gaelic Football players must wear a mouthguard when they are playing Ladies Gaelic Football. Players from minor grades and lower had been required to wear mouthguards since 2014 but that rule has been extended to all grade up to adult level following the rule change at the LGFA congress in Sligo last year.


  • Ladies gaelic footballers in all age grades must wear a mouthguard from January 1st 2017
  • It is the responsibility of each individual player to use a mouthguard
  • Players will be ordered off in a game for not wearing a mouthguard and will remain off the pitch until the situation is ratified
  • Players will not be covered under the Injury Fund if they don’t comply with the mouthguard rule
  • No Mouthguard? No Game!

This document has been compiled to assist Clubs, players, parents, coaches and referees in complying with the provisions of the rule.

For more information please click on the Ladies Football Web page: Mouthguards