Gaelic 4Girls 2016 Programme

We delighted to announce the opening of applications the 2016 LGFA Gaelic4Girls Programme!

In 2013, the Gaelic4Girls programme was revamped and relaunched with an aim to making the programme more attractive to clubs, to assist any struggling clubs, established clubs looking to expand their numbers at underage level or any potential areas where new clubs may evolve. The programme was a huge success since the new format has been implemented. 32 Clubs representing 23 Counties were successful in their application in 2015 resulting in a total of 1,635 girls participating on the programme, a staggering 1,337 of which were never registered with the Association before. These statistics verify that the programme continues to be a successful player recruitment tool for clubs.

Any Club can apply to be a part of the programme. Criteria have been outlined and it’s up to a Club to justify why they should be chosen.

Clubs have between now and the 22nd January to apply. Following this, the County Development Officer, Provincial Development Officer and a member of the National Development Team, will discuss the applications and decide together, which two sites within a County are the most appropriate. A maximum of 2 sites can be selected from your County to participate in the Programme.

There are numerous benefits to the programme with the most obvious to increase numbers in your club, but also there is free training provided to your coaches and resources are provided free of charge for the promotion of a National Programme taking place in your club.

Additional information can be got from the LGFA web Site

Information Page for applicants:
What is Gaelic4Girls (G4G)?
G4G is a 12 week programme incorporating coaching sessions with fun non-competitive blitzes aimed at increasing participation in Ladies Gaelic Football. The programme targets girls aged between 8 – 12 years who are not currently registered with a Ladies Gaelic Football club. In essence, this is a tool to attract new players.

What are the aims of the Gaelic4Girls Programme?
• To increase the numbers of girls playing Ladies Gaelic football in a club.
• To provide a fun, 12 week programme of Ladies Gaelic Football activities to attract girls aged 8 – 12 to the club.
• To support a Club in increasing their number of players, and integrate those new players into existing teams.
• To develop athletic and social skills for girls in a safe and nurturing environment.

What are the benefits of running Gaelic4Girls in your Club?
• Participation levels will be increased.
• Free training will be provided to the Coaches and Co-ordinator in your Club.
• Resources will be provided to your Club to market and advertise the Programme.
• There is the potential for your club to become a more vibrant, active part of the local community through enhanced participation.

What clubs may apply for the G4G programme?
a. A Struggling Club – an already registered LGFA Club who are struggling for numbers and can show evidence that those numbers are in the Club Catchment Area.
b. An Established Club – an already registered LGFA Club who wants to increase participation in this age bracket and can show evidence that those numbers exist in the Club Catchment Area.
c. New club – potential for a new LGFA club to form. Clear evidence must be provided to show that potential for a new club exists and appropriate structures are in place.

What does the G4G programme entail for your Club if your application is successful?
• The club must be able to provide a co-ordinator and a minimum of 1 coach per 10 participants to run the Programme. Minimum of 2 coaches per Programme.
• All the G4G coaches and co-ordinators must attend Provincial training.
• The club must be willing to welcome ALL new members.
• The coordinators will be provided with marketing materials e.g. flyers, posters and the club must use this material to promote the Programme in the schools and elsewhere.
• The first 8 weeks of the Programme will involve weekly coaching sessions separate to the regular U10/12 sessions in the Club, specifically designed for those who have not participated before.
• The last 4 weeks will involve integrated training sessions of all players with the above teams, as a means of integrating the G4G participants into the Club.
• Your club will have the option of attending a local, Provincial and National blitz day in the weeks following the roll out of the 8-week programme.
• The 8-week Programme will cost €8 per player to cover the cost of promotional material and a programme specific jersey for each G4G participant.
• Clubs are recommended to participate in a Ready Steady Coach workshop during the programme. This workshop is aimed at providing support and assistance to new volunteers interested in helping with coaching or running a team within the club. It is a 2 ½ hour course.
• The club must monitor the integration of the G4G participants and ensure all those who want to continue to play Ladies Gaelic Football are registered and looked after.
The next steps:
Step 1:
Complete the application form and forward by post or email to your Provincial Development Officer before 22nd January 2016 (See application form for contact details).
Step 2:
The Provincial Development Officer will contact all applicants via e-mail to announce the successful clubs before February 10th.
Step 3:
All G4G coaches and coordinators must attend Provincial training in February. Dates to be announced in new year.
Step 4:
All clubs must promote the G4G programme in their local area.
Step 5
The 8 week programme will begin in the week beginning 11th April. All Clubs must be in a position to start this week. The 4 week integrated sessions will follow straight after.

Step 6:
The clubs will have an opportunity to participate in a local, Provincial and National Blitz (dates to be confirmed).

East Cork Clubs that have been part of the programme in recent years are Lisgoold and Youghal

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