ECB 2021 Match Reports Resources


  • Match reports are a great way to showcase the games played by clubs across East Cork.
  • They provide a summary of the match and can include images of the game which can be posted on the East Cork website and social media accounts.
  • Clubs can send reports directly to after games or along with their regular club updates.

  • These resources are optional for Club use as an alternative to emailing directly.
  • The below link is to a Google form which allows for the input of predetermined information.
    • Anything marked with a red asterisk is mandatory, while the remaining are optional.
    • There are different options for some items, manual typing or file upload. This enables the user to upload an image of the information (i.e. teamsheet) instead of typing it into the form.
  • There is also a link to a preformatted sheet which can be printed and brought pitchside for use throughout the match.
    • A scan or image of the sheet can be sent directly to for publishing on the website.
Link to Google Form match report

ECB 2021 Match Report Google Form

Printable Match Report Form