u14 Fixtures & Results 2023

League Notes:

  • First team have home advantage. If they cannot provide a venue then the away team will host the game.
  • All matches must be played on or before the given date.
  • Home team will organise the Referee and confirm with the away team prior to the match.
  • If both teams agree to play a fixture as a later date, they must inform the fixtures committee by email to ecbfixsec@gmail.com with the new date and time, otherwise the original date stands.
    • The email must be sent by both clubs
  • All fixtures have to be completed by the date of the final fixture date
  • League is subject to East Cork Rules as ratified by East Cork Board on 08th February 2023

Results must be submitted to Fixtures Committee before midnight on the day of the game by both teams; include teams, grade, and score.